What is Student Union?

Student Union is also known as Student Senate, a guild of Student, Government of the student body, Student Association, Free Student Union, or Student Government. These are organizations of a group of students existing in many universities, colleges, and high school. Being a member of the Student Union, often gave organization Activities, representation, Academic Support, and own building on the school campus. They can provide student welfare services and can act as a mediator between student population and administration.

The student union also has a different type of societies that available:

Common Interest

  • Societies allow you to meet and share the thing that you like, just like in music, films or hobbies with the student community.


  • Be a member of academic societies was awesome, and you can improve your studies. Which you can share ideas, saying about your work or unhappy issue and also allows you to see the course as of new angle.


  • You are welcome in these societies, you will feel comfortable, and you will learn about lifestyle and culture.

Faith Based

  • If you want a question or you need a companion about in beliefs and religion, in Faith-based society is the right place that you need to go. Even you are not a believer or don’t have a faith, and you are welcome and free to ask about something that you want to believe in.

Physical Activity

  • If you like to fit and have a physical activity, this society is fit for you. This society can develop your skills and your healthy body. If you are the person that wants to be physically fit and you are finding people that join you in your developing this society must work for you.


  • In terms of the campaign or in finding a position and learning more about politics, this society must work for you. If you are the person who is fighting for what the rights and you want to shout it loud, you can get a companion in this society.