5 Most Amazing Campus Student Union

One. Oklahoma State University. It is stated as the world’s biggest Student Union, and it covers an inspiring 543,411 sq. Feet.

Which is contains:

  • Student lounges
  • Luxurious rangers club restaurant
  • 550 seater movie theater
  • Art exhibit
  • Athletic ticketing office
  • Post office
  • Food court
  • Student lounges
  • OSU student store
  • And, Atherton Hotel with 81 lavish rooms for guest, serving as a unique living room.

So, it does not wonder that Oklahoma State University is most inclusive and having an amazing student union.

Two. MountainLair at West Virginia University. Said to be the lair of the faculty member and students. The fantastic student union of West Virginia University offers students:

  • Bowling alley
  • Poll hall
  • Having some lounges accommodating students’ attention
  • Movie theater
  • Video game arcade
  • Through the semester, every Thursday and Friday host a program “Up All Night,” include movie screening, bowling, free foods, game shows, and students’ laser tag for the safety and has an alcohol environment.

Three. The New Ohio Union at OHIO State University. In 2010 it was reconstructed, and now become a wonderful hub for the student body’s facility. New IHIO Union covers and offers students:

  • U.S bank Conference Theater
  • Potter Plaza
  • Archin Griffin Grand Ballroom
  • Station 88 (the Campus’ gift shop )
  • Prayer Room with special feet washing facility for Muslim student
  • Four delicate dining areas including Union Market, Sloppy Woody’s Tavern, and the Express OH

Four. Eastern Michigan University EMU Student Center

EMU student center was revealed in the year 2016. Union takes about 40.5 million dollar offers to provides students services, likes:

  • Several restaurants likechain dining centers
  • Bank branch
  • Athletics box office
  • Admission office
  • E-Zone, a LAN Gaming Center
  • The student center, also known as KIVA Room which has 360-degree room designed aroundand utilize for meetingplaces, music shows, as well asplace for student associations.

Five. the University of Florida. It stands about 267,000 sq. feet and firstlyconstructed in year 1967 cost of 5.7 milliondollar, which contains offers students:

  • Banks
  • Computer labs
  • Retail store
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Multiple food courts
  • Barbershops
  • Student lounges
  • In top floor, reserved for the Reitz Union Hotel which has 36 rooms.
  • In second floor, the Reitz Union cinema use as both movie theater and auditorium.
  • Inground floor where the place for game room which hasa pool tables, bowling alley, and arcade.